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While he changes his outfit post photo-shoot, I chat with his stylist, then the singer rejoins me at a canal-side table.

We've just sat down (no further breakages) when some Canada geese honk past in V formation.

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My intake was certainly a factor in the eventual demise of the band the first time around. There was always five pounds of heroin, all the booze and coke you wanted, all the girls you wanted–all looking for nothing but guys in bands. NICCOLI: When Perry and I first started dating, we did heroin together a few times, long before it became a problem.Certainly very few rock performers, and even pop performers.People just don’t have it, that’s a God-given talent."Three Days", a stand-out track from 1990's Ritual De Lo Habitual, told of a heroin-fuelledménage à trois involving Farrell, his then-partner Casey Niccoli and a former girlfriend, Xiola Bleu.

Though Jane's Addiction recently reformed and will play further concerts this year, Farrell is in London to promote his second solo album, Song Yet To Be Sung.Stalking out of Los Angeles’ seedy underground after hair metal wilted, they revolutionized what rock music sounded and looked like, and became the godfathers of the Alternative Nation. That’s why Steve, Dave, and Eric were seven or eight years younger than Perry. I knew his mom, and I knew the guy that killed her. So one weekend he was with his dad, and he was going home to mom and his mom’s best friend, who he called his “Auntie.” They called and called, but no answer–very strange.